Playing 11


IS Playing 11

1. Bethan Moli (WK)

2. Jamal Vira (WK)

3. Alex Stephen

4. William Yamak

5. Wolford Kalworai

6. Nalin Nipiko

7. Stephane Sandy

8. Vince Vira

9. Apolinaire Stephen

10. Niko Unavalu

11. Obed Yoseph


MFE Playing 11

1. Joshua Rasu (C)

2. Kendy Kenneth

3. Lazaro Carlot

4. Shem Sala

5. Brian Tari

6. Wesley Vira

7. Simpson Obed

8. Manu Kenni

9. Selwyn Garae

10. Lency Shem

11. Tony Tamata



This is the first match of Vanuatu T10 League 2020. Ifira Sharks takes on Mighty Efate Panthers on the first day of Vanuatu T10 League 2020. second match of the same day.

Ifira Sharks (IS) News

This team has many openers so any one can bat at any position. Any 2 of B Moli, A Stephen, N Nipiko, W Yamak and Wolford Kalworai can open the inning. Chances of Nipiko and A Stephen are high. * B Moli, N Nipiko, A Stephen and W Yamak are their main batsmen. B Moli, A Stephen and N Nipiko are in very good form at this time. * Stephen Sandy and Wolford Kalworai are also good hitters of the ball. * N Nipiko, Apolinaire Stephen, Wolford Kalworai, Vince Vira, S Sandy and Obed Yoseph will lead the bowling attack of the team. Stats of Players: * Nalin Nipiko: 14 M, 312 R and 24 wickets (international cricket record) + terrific player in the domestic arena * Apolinaire Stephen: 7 M, 99 R and 10 wickets + 2 M , 2 wickets (ICC) * A Stephen: 18 M, 450 R + can bowl also * J Vira: 13 M, 189 R at club level + 4 M, 52 R (ICC) * Stephane Sandy: 15 M, 289 R and 21 wickets * Wolford Kalworai(Spin): Average International record+ 7M, 219 R and 15 wickets , scored a century in 2019 * W Yamak: 20 M, 405 R * Beth Moli: 17 M, 571 R and the average is above 50 but the main problem is his batting order ( some times opens while some times bats in lower middle order) * Vince Vira(leg Spinner): 16M, 22 wickets * Obed Yoseph( LA Orthodox): 17 M, 28 wickets

Announced Squad :

Bethan Moli (WK), Jamal Vira (WK), Alex Stephen, Brenan Meyer, Fernando Laumae, Gilmour Kaltongga, Harry Pakoa, William Yamak, Wolford Kalworai, Nalin Nipiko, Stephane Sandy, Vince Vira, Ambong Rakau, Apolinaire Stephen, Michael Avock, Niko Unavalu, Obed Yoseph

Mighty Efate Panthers (MFE) News

This team has lot of allrounders in their team. * J Rasu and B Tari are their most important batsmen of the team. L Carlot, S Garae, Kendy Kennath and S Obed are also decent batsmen. * Openers: J Rasu and L Carlot * They have many allrounders so it

Announced Squad :

Joshua Rasu (C), Kendy Kenneth, Lazaro Carlot, Shem Sala, Brian Tari, McMillan Markia (WK), Wesley Vira, Simpson Obed, William Laumae, Edwell Kalfau, Manu Kenni, Jarrody Alan, Alfred Carlot, Selwyn Garae, Maxim Stephen, Lency Shem, Kenny Tari, Tony Tamata

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Dream 11 Predication Team

Key Players

IS Key Player

1. Jamal Vira (WK)

2. William Yamak

3. Wolford Kalworai

4. Nalin Nipiko

5. Stephane Sandy

6. Vince Vira

7. Niko Unavalu

8. Obed Yoseph

MFE Key Player

1. Joshua Rasu (C)

2. Kendy Kenneth

3. Shem Sala

4. Wesley Vira

5. Simpson Obed

6. Manu Kenni

7. Lency Shem

Top C/VC

1. Wolford Kalworai

2. Nalin Nipiko

3. Joshua Rasu (C)

4. Brian Tari

5. Selwyn Garae